Past Couple Weeks Crafting: 4.2.23

This has been a light crafting period for me. I have been steadily working on a couple test sweaters, which have taken up a lot of my time. I have also been working more on processes than actual products, taking workshops and focusing on organizing myself. So here are the few things I have managed to do in the past couple weeks!

The Apricity Color Block Sweater by Linsdsey Roe

I got the front and back panels done, seamed and started on the bottom ribbing.

The Shiloh Sweater by Oxana Sorokin

I finished the front panel.

Temperature Snake Catch-up (Planet June)

I got all the rows through March done. I am adding additional rows for birthdays and as it turns out, I have 7 important people in my life with birthdays in March!

Random Watercolor 🙂

In keeping with my loos goal of making art each day, here is a water color doodle I did this week.

So, that’s really it for the past couple weeks. Hopefully I will be able to work on a couple other things that I have brewing in the back of my head in the coming weeks and can show you them soon!

Be Well,


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