Designer Support

I am pleased to announce that I am now offering Tech Editing for Crochet and will be adding more services over the next year that are geared to help you publish excellent crochet patterns!

As a new kid on the Tech Editing block, I am offering your first tech edit in exchange for feedback and testimonial!

Here are a few things I bring to the table:

  1. I have 20 years of crochet experience, making, drafting patterns, creating schematics and am fluent in the language of crochet
  2. I am both detail oriented and able to keep the big picture of the whole in mind while working through your patterns. This means I will drill down on each part as well as make sure the overall whole is cohesive
  3. I am flexible and adaptable – I want you to have a pleasant experience and am willing to do as much or as little as you need to make sure your pattern is ready to test or to publish
  4. I have reliable time management skills and know how to prioritize tasks so that what is important to you gets done first and the rest gets handled quickly and efficiently
  5. I am a good communicator, both spoken and, seemingly more importantly in this day and age, in written communication. I understand nuance and can be both clear and concise, making sure the needed information is conveyed in a timely manner

Services on Offer:

Crochet Tech Editing

Crochet Pattern Writing: COMMING SOON!

Crochet Schematic Creation: COMMING SOON!

If you are interested in more information please send me an email at Please let what pattern you are designing, and anything you think is important to know. I will respond with pricing, more information about how I work and timeline information. Then we can decide how we can best work together.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and doing my best to help you get your creations out into the world!