New Moon Reading: 9.25.22

Deviant Moon Tarot Deck by Patrick Valenza

1: (Middle Card)Be Here Now – You as you are in this moment

5 of Wands – There may be a fair amount of turmoil happening for you. This is the kind of petty squabbling that will eventually drive you to either give up or do something you may regret. It is nagging and scraping at the back of your mind and may be distracting you from more important things.

2: (Left Card) Bringing In – What is your energy pulling towards you?

The World –The good news if that whatever is happening right now is nearing the completion of its cycle and likely to be wrapping up successfully.

3: (Right Card) Letting Go – What is on the way out or better left on the way out?

5 of Cups – The conflictual energy that is present right now is heading out. With it are the potential relational difficulties. Keep in mind, though, that relationships once in turmoil take time and attention to smooth out. This is a good opportunity to make sure you are truly letting go of the conflict so that it does not come back to haunt you later.

4: (Bottom Card) Root – How you got here, why you stay here. Anchor.

Death – Change is the only constant. There are always going to be periods of conflict that resolve into times of relative calm. Make sure to attend to the opportunity for growth rather then the sacrifice you made to reach the next stage. Cultivation of the new is going to move you forward. Move through any loss. Feel it, know it, embrace it, then let it go.

5: Top Card) Big Picture – What you are working towards, what the Universe has in store. Perspective.

4 of Wands – Successfully navigating conflict and challenges, restoring and repairing relationship and processing any grief successfully leads to a more stable situation. The goal at the end of the day is to have something dependable and working through the bumps along the way will make sure there is a strong support for any foundation.

Shadow Card:

The Sun – A reminder that no matter how hard something is the clouds will clear and there will be warmth and joy again. The best way to enjoy the sun is after the storm. Don’t lose yourself in the thunder and rain and miss the Sun.

Mabon Reading: 9.22.22

Pagan Otherworlds deck – The Hermit, Ace of Cups and The Emperor tarot cards

This was a quick Stop Doing-Start Doing-Keep Doing reading to get a snapshot of what to expect of the energy of Autumn in honor of Mabon.

Stop Doing: The Hermit – As we move into Autumn, it is advised to take the lessons and perspectives we have learned from a period of solitude and figure out a way to pass them along to others. Solitude for the sake of solitude is all well and good but we do tend to come to insights that others would also benefit from hearing. Additionally, this may be a good time to take in perspectives of others t=rather than relying solely on keeping your own counsel.  

Start Doing: the Ace of Cups – This is an invitation to go for that new love, to feel all the feels and to be excited about the prospects coming your way. This may not be a romantic love (though it could be) but a new endeavor, a labor of love, a new project. It may be a new friendship or a new colleague or a new job. It may be a new look or style. This is a card that shows you that love is coming and maybe has already arrived. This is a perfect opportunity to light a passionate fire to keep you warm as the days get shorter and colder.

Keep Doing: The Emperor – The Emperor is someone who knows what they want and how to make thing happen. They are skilled at keeping the wheels turning and making sure that the things that matter are well attended to. Keep on top of what you have control over and stay committed to seeing things through. Make sure you are looking at any changes that are needed and make sure you are implementing them in ways that will maintain stability.

I also was caught by the shadow card as I went to put the deck away.

Pagan Otherworlds deck – Judgment tarot card

Shadow Card: Judgment – Things are going to come clear and you may not like what you see. Be prepared to confront yourself and others as they are, not as you would wish them to be. Being honest with ourselves and others is not always easy but in the long run we can’t hid from who we are. Embrace your flaws. They make you the beautiful, magical, unique and important being that you are.

Weekly Reading: 8.21.22

Ostara Tarot Deck – Molly Applejohn, Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard & Julia Iredale

1: What will my energy look like this week?

Ace of Swords – You are in a place where things are coming clear and even in the murkiness you are able to separate out the important bits from the distractions. Even if things get challenging this week, try to keep that mental focus to see your way through the problem. Just don’t sacrifice your ethics for the sake of logic.

2: What challenges will I face?

6 of Cups – Memories are likely to surface this week, some of them may trip you up. Whether they are fond or painful, dwelling is not going to bring you the closure or joy you are seeking. Take some time to sort though any lessons you are being reminded of, but then let the memories slip back into your subconscious. Don’t hold on to that which you can no longer influence.

3: How can I overcome these challenges?

The Lovers – This card is widely understood as one signifying romantic, karmic and even soul mate love. However, consider also that this card is about choices. It is about aligning your being with commitments; it is about preparing yourself for a deep relationship. This card is not so much about your relationship with another but your readiness to be in relationship. It is about knowing yourself deeply enough that you can participate in a meaningful way in relationship with another. It is also about making sure you are prepared for decisions that may test this readiness.

When you are faced with memories that test you this week, center and focus on who you know yourself to be, who you have been and how you have grown. Recognize that the past echoing through your memory is just, that, the past. Focus instead on how it has influenced you in this present moment to be ready for relationship.

4: What lesson will I learn this week?

10 of Wands – Tens in the tarot are about completing cycles, so there is likely an ending headed your way. However, the 10 of Wands indicates that the completions I likely the achievement of something that requires a lot of work. There is an element of burden here that you are going to need to unravel. Whether that means delegating or saying “no” to something if for you to determine, but this completion is not a celebratory one. It is a logic puzzle.

5: Advice from Guides

Strength – This card is all about your inner emotional world. Mastery of your emotions does not mean that you do not feel them; it means that you do not let them rule you. This is an invitation to refine your assertive nature, build upon your self-confidence, and know that your inner strength is the strength that truly matters.

6: Shadow Card

8 of Cups – The underlying theme of this week is inner world. Your memories are going to be the focus, coming up without warning potentially. The advice running through this reading and clarified by this final card is that you need to look within to see what it is that your focus should land upon. You need to listen you your own inner strength and your own lessons about how you succeed in relationship. You need to focus on your own wellbeing and your own life lessons. If meditation is your jam, this can be a good tool, but anything that helps you to sort through the noise to identify what is important to you is valuable at this time. The goal is always to move forward, no mater how enticing the past may be.