Past Couple Weeks of Crafting: 2.5.23

Here is what I have been up to crafting wise the past couple of weeks.

Finished a Sweater!

This was started at the time of my last post but I officially finished it. It is big and bulky and so warm. I used a back stitch to account for the gap in the sleeve construction and the seam came out pretty smooth. These pictures were created post blocking and once blocked the sleeve join smoothed out as well.

Stamp Carving

First attempt at hand carved stamps. My wand looks kind of like a weird cactus and i cleaned up some of the extra lines. Over all, I like the way these turned out and will be playing with this process some more.

Temperature Snake CAL Prep

The short version on temperature projects is that you take the high or low temperature of each day and crochet on row per day. You break the temperatures into ranges add each range is a different color.

I joined a temperature snake crochet along (CAL) hosted by Planet June. This is the planning part and I am waiting for yarn to arrive. I am super excited to see how these snakes turn out. It is such a cool take on the temperature crochet project.

Weekly Water Color Washes

I’ve been playing with water color washed for the background of my weekly planning and notes and everything else page. The first two were last week and the last on one is this week.

So, that’s it for now!

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