Projects that Followed me into 2023

Welcome to 2023 everyone!

Like many crafters, I have a long list of Works In Progress (WIPs) and Unfinished Objects (UFOs).

While I don’t usually make formal resolutions, I do want to make a concerted effort to finish some of the things I started in the past year. At the very least I need to organize all my WIPs and UFOs so I know what and where they are.

The other side of this effort is to really and truly finish the new projects I start. I love finding new and exciting crafts to try but I need to be better and controlling the impulse to jump to the next shiny thing before wrapping up my current shiny thing 🙂

There are a couple new shiny things that I do have going, however. One is the Rose City Yarn Crawl mystery crochet along. The other is a Crochet Lentil, a pattern that I got from the Making App. Good news is that I finished the Lentil this week, so finishing something I started within the first week of the year feels like a good omen!

With the confidence of completing something, I feel ready to tackle my unfinished list. So, here are some of the bigger projects that I would like to finish (or at least make substantial progress on) by the end of January.

The Nordic Mosaic Afghan

The Annie’s Mosaic Tile Kit Club

The Cable Yolk Pull Over

The Wood Burned Runes