Side Tracked

This week I had some grand plans of making some videos of my crochet projects and using the iMovie app to edit them and post them to both YouTube and to Tic Tok. I got the videos ok, but then the editing part became a challenge.

See, I recently broke down and got an iPad as I thought it would be easier to edit on a larger screen. I am not a Mac user so I figured the iPad would be a happy medium between the iPhone and going full out Mac laptop.

What I had not anticipated was that there would be so many issues with syncing the two devices. What was on the iPhone was taking a day or more to show up on the iPad and when it did show up it was not the edited version on the iPhone. Additionally, I have not been able to edit video in the iPad photos app and I have discovered that the iMovie app is not as versatile as I had hopped.

So, as with everything, I slowed it down to see what it was the Universe may be trying to tell me. And what I heard when I listened is “Focus on what you CAN do”. Which resulted in shifting my attention from what is undoubtedly a problem (one I still need to resolve) to a compromise. I maybe can’t get to the YouTube videos just yet, but the iMovie Magic Movie is perfect for Tic Tok.

Remembering to focus on what I CAN do is about to be my new mantra. I have such limited time to do the things I love, I can’t let myself get so caught up in the problems that I miss the solutions.

Wishing you all wellness and peace,