Projects of the Week: Yarn Frogging Hack, Bath Bombs and that one Sweater I have always wanted to make

I have been pointedly ignoring the two huge blanket projects I have going. One because I have not had time or the patience to fix what I am pretty sure is an error in the pattern. The other because I can’t decide on a color scheme and keep going back and forth on how I want it to work. So of course the solution is to start other projects, right? I thought so too.

Yarn Frogging Hack

If you are someone who makes things with yarn, you have absolutely had the experience of either making a mistake that needs to be pulled out and re done or have decided that what you are making is a wash and pulled out the entire thing. This is a process called “frogging”, as in “rip-it, rip-it”, get it?

Anyway, I was lucky enough to stumble upon this method for hand winding yarn (Banana Moon Studios video here) and have adapted it to the situation where you have a substantial pile from a started project and you want to maintain the flow of the yarn color. This can be particularly helpful with variegated or ombre yarns where the color changes fade into one another.

I start by taking the tail and wrapping it in a figure 8 around my thumb and pinky several times then fold the 8 in half and loosely wrap the yarn around the folded 8. The result is a center pull ball at the front of the original skein that will result in the intended color change as before I started using the skein in the first place.

Bath Bombs

I fell in love with bath bombs when baths became part of my moon cycle ritual a couple of hears ago. I quickly discovered I could drop a large amount of my paycheck on them, using them as frequently as I do. I also discovered that a lot of them (and I mean A LOT) are scented like food. I am not someone who is keen to smell like a cake. I prefer scents that are more commonly associated with the masculine, and trying finding bath bombs that smell like sandalwood or other woodsy scents was infinitely frustrating.

So making my own it is. I found this bath bomb recipe in the Inspired by Charm site and have to say I think I am hooked. The recipe is so easy to follow and I will absolutely be making these again. I did not follow the recommendation to “pack lightly” into the molds and my bombs sort of deflated while curing. I also learned to leave them in the molds for about 5 minutes rather than the recommended 1 minutes. I am keeping the most misshapen of the lot but am putting the rest out for whoever wants one at the Yule party this Wednesday.

Sweater I have always wanted to make

I will freely admit that I but patterns that I have every intention of making but don’t get to. For years. Case in point, I bought the pattern for this intricate top down sweater in 2018 from TLH Patterns on Etsy. I am just now getting around to making it and it is a joy to make. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I regularly substitute materials to use the yarn I have and was excited to find that I happened to have the yarn recommended in the pattern. I am super excited to see the finished product.

So that’s my week in projects.

Wishing you all a warm and safe holiday season and a happy Yule!

Project Update

I finished a thing! Yes, I actually completed the very large hooded vest. I have a lot of ideas about how to do it slightly differently next time but it is so satisfying to complete a project. I also made a couple hats. Go me!

The Hooded Vest

The Hats

The Bavarian Stitch Beanie by Erangi Udeshika

Free pattern can be found at the Crochet for You Blog.

This pattern works up so quickly but still looks intricate and has a great texture. This is a hat I could easily see myself making more of.

Chain Link Slouch Crochet Pattern by Jennifer Dougherty

This pattern is for sale on Ravelry here.

This pattern is definitely for the more advanced crocheter. The pattern calls for bulky weight yarn but I chose to use some scrap worsted weight in colors I love. I used the recommended hooks and made the “small adult” version and the hat came out HUGE! So my recommendation is to use worsted weight yarn rather than bulky and wither make a sizes smaller or down size the hooks. If I make this hat again I will update which method I used and see if that makes a hat that fits better.

That’s it for this week, nice to have some “done” things to show off!

Creation of a Crochet Vest

This week has been taken up by making a very large scrap yarn hooded vest. I am making up this pattern as I go. I am also trying to remember to write it down as I go so I can recreate it.

I’m hoping to use up some of the yarn that I have collected that I keep passing over when making other things.

I created a fabric that I was hoping would be about wide enough to wrap around me.

I sewed the top closed and cut armholes into the fabric.

When cutting stitches, you want to cut the bottom of the stitch that is made through the row below. Then you pull the yarn very carefully until they close in on themselves. I also tied knots to make sure the stitches were secure.

Once the armholes were made, I tried it on and realized it was not quite wide enough to cover the front of me. I added a cable border that created the missing width.

I decided that I am going to add sleeves and turn the vest into a sweater. Hopefully I will be able to post a finished project here next week!

Bonus pics: Agnes really loved this piece and kept trying to wrap herself up in the fabric as I was making it.

She was very pleased when I laid it out for pictures!

Full Moon Reading: 12.7.22

Last Full Moon of 2022

Pagan Otherworlds tarot deck

1: Be Here Now – You as you are in this moment

2 of Swords – You are at a crossroads and no matter what you decide, it will close off the path you do not choose. The choice is one that needs to be made but it also needs to be seriously and carefully considered. It is also a decision only you can make. The input of others may be nice, but you will need to be willing to lave with the decision and that is not something you can put on someone else.

2: Bringing In – What is your energy pulling towards you?

The Star – The universal symbol of hope, the Star is letting you know that there is brightness on the horizon. There is an element of balance here, the good and bad both present and walked through, healing possible, new opportunities coming.

3: Letting Go – What is on the way out or better left on the way out?

6 of Swords – The 6 of Swords is about making a transition away from what is known into what is unknown, often for the better. In this position, it is a signal that you are not longer in need of moving into the unknown, your journey is near completion. You may be able to start setting down some roots again and rebuild in this new space.

4: Root – How you go there, why you stay here. Anchor.

The Moon – Your guiding force, your intuition, is a strong guide and one you have learned to trust. Continue to develop your relationship with your inner guide as this is the root and anchor you need to continue building an authentic self and a life that holds meaning to you.

5: Big Picture – What you are working towards, what the Universe has in store. Perspective.

9 of Swords – Here is a warning. The 9 of Swords is about worry, anxiety, things that keep you up at night. If there is something that you need to address so that you can get good rest, now if the time to plan for how to do this. Whether it is repairing a relationship, kicking a habit or getting into therapy, there is something unaddressed that needs resolution.

Shadow Card:

7 of Wands – The underlying energy of this reading is that you have worked hard to get where you are and you still have some tough calls to make. There is still work to be done and part of that work is guarding what you have gained, fighting for what is yours. You have achieved what you have for a reason. Don’t let anyone forget it.

Weekly Reading: 11.27.22

Crow tarot Deck by MJ Cullinane

1: What will my energy look like this week?

2 of Wands – The energy of the suit of Wands is about making things happen. It is about energy and passion and creating. The two of wands is a out patience and balance. It is about making decisions and prioritizing goals. Any endeavors started are likely to be the most successful if you have mapped out the best way to reach the goal.

2: What challenges will I face?

The Chariot – While the Chariot is typically a out being driven and independent in going for what you are after, it may be that you are being drawn into a situation that is not in your best interest this week. Take time to make sure that what you are agreeing to is within what you want for yourself and within your integrity.

3: How can I overcome these challenges?

The Emperor – A representation of a solid foundation and embodiment of order and rules, the Emperor is a signal that keeping the foundational part of any new endeavor solid and clear will be beneficial to all involved.

4: What lesson will I learn this week?

Justice –  You will come to see that quick decisions are going to fall flat. Take the time you need to see all sides before making a decision. Pay particular attention to consequences of the decisions. While we can’t plan for every eventuality is all cases, figuring out how to slow things down before moving forward with a final call is going to a lesson learned this week.

5: Advice from Guides

The Wheel of Fortune – What goes up must come down. And what is down must come up. Remember that you have the power to determine how far down and how long you stay there. Don’t give that power away.

6: Shadow Card

The Hermit – Just because we are social beings does not mean that we need to do things with others at all times. The Hermit is an invitation to go within yourself to find the answers you seek. Once found, it is also an invitation to share what you find with those around who are open to what you have learned. We cannot force our learned lessons on others, but we can take time to understand them for ourselves. And this, more than anything, is how we and continue to grow. Learn, even if no one else wants to know.