Bullet Points: Crochet Pattern Components


  • Title of the item
  • The designers name and business name (if applicable)
  • The story of why you designed the item
    • Should be short and sweet
    • Should capture attention of the maker
    • Also known as “Romance Paragraph”
  • A clear picture of the item
  • Copy right information
    • Include statement of permissions
      • i.e. if the maker can or cannot sell what they make


  • A list of what is needed to produce the item
    • Yarn
    • Hook or hooks
    • Notions
      • Things such as buttons or other objects attached to the finished item
      • Small tools needed during the production of the item such as scissors or yarn needles

Special Stitches and Instructions

  • Gauge
    • The number of stitches and rows needed to produce the item in the size intended
    • Can and should be adjusted based upon how the individual maker works with hook and yarn
  • List of all stitches and abbreviations used in the pattern
    • Should only include appreciations used in the pattern rather than an exhaustive list
  • Step by step explanation of any complex stitches
  • Notes section
    • Explanation of the making process
    • Include any complex stems in the process
    • Include finishing information
      • Blocking
      • Seaming
      • Adding notions
      • Etc.

The Pattern

  • Written instructions that a maker can follow to produce the item
  • Clear sections for each part of the pattern
  • Clear starting point for each part of the pattern
  • Consistently written to support ease of use

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