Past Couple Weeks Crafting: 5.14.23

Full disclosure, I was recovering from surgery the first week of May so spent most of that week sleeping and watching the Stanley Cup Playoff games and catching up on random Netflix shows I have had zero time for. Most of my crafting has been crochet since it involves a lot of holding still.

Beyond Cardigan Completed!

The Beyond Cardigan by Hanna Gough of Germander Cottage Crafts is a very comfortable and cozy sweater that can be easily worked while binge watching. That seems to be my standard of skill assessment 🙂 But really, since it is worked in 5 pieces then sewn together, you get a happy hit of completion for each piece that keeps you motivated throughout the project. Hanna will be running a crochet along (CAL) in June for anyone interested in making this wonderful sweater and you can find the details here.

Candy Mountain Tee

Another easy to watch things and make piece is this Candy Mountain Tee by Lindsey Roe of Off the Beaten Hook. This was a paid pattern I believe I got off her Etsy shop. The construction is side to side creating a loose and boxy top that is great for layering. I added a couple extra stripes to mine from the original pattern. This was a great “I have to hold still and don’t want to be bored” project.

Temperature Snake

I got caught up on my Temperature Snake through April. The CAL can be found here for anyone interested. It is such a great temperature project as each round is only 20 stitches so even if you get behind (I literally had to do all 30 days of April!) it works up really quickly. I highly recommend 🙂

Dandelion Honey

In non crochet crafting I did get to make some dandelion honey. Dandelion has always been my favorite flower and it has a lot of health promoting properties as well. I sourced the dandelions from my front yard. The process was quite simple, just boiling the heads with some lemon and letting it infuse overnight. I then measured out equal parts sugar to the liquid and simmered it until thickened. I plan to do some more experimenting with roasting dandelion rout for tea soon.

And that is about it for the last couple weeks. I have healed well and hope to get to some more projects over the next couple weeks.

Wishing you well!

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