Past Couple Weeks Crafting: 4.30.23

I know I missed a post. I have been working frantically to complete TWO crochet pattern tests. This means I have not done a lot of other crafting in the last month. I learned a very valuable lesson: Only test one sweater pattern at a time! It was totally worth it though 🙂 I did sneak in a couple other things as well so here we go!

The Apricity Color Block Sweater by Lindsey Roe of Off the Beaten Hook

This sweater pattern will officially go live this week. I so much fun to make and move pretty quickly due to the bulky yarn and large hook. There are also so many color combinations that you could do with the three colors. Highly recommend.

The Shiloh Sweater by Oxana Sorokin

This sweater moved a bit more slowly but the texture is so worth it! The construction is also once of my favorites, sewing the front and back together at the shoulder then the arms then the seam up the body through the arm. The best part is that the sleeve and bottom bands are worked right in to the fabric so the only edging you have to do is the collar. It turned out great!

New Pattern Test! – the Beyond Cardigan by Hanna Gough of Germander Cottage Crafts

Yes, yes, I know I just finished two tests but this one is designed specifically to be beginner friendly and I have until June to finish it so no pressure at all! I got through the back panel and am working on the sleeves so far. It is a great binge watching project and I am enjoying it for sure.

Candle Making

I received some egg shells from a friend and then realized I had no real idea what to do with egg shells. Turns out they can be used for all kinds of things, both magical and mundane. Great in compost and great for protections spells! I made protection candles with them and I will be doing this again. The process was so soothing and it was nice to focus my energy into a magical direction for a while.

I also was not sure how much melted wax I was going to be left over since the eggs are small, so I prepped a candle holder that I have been saving and refilled that as well!

Even if the magical part of this is not your jam, I highly recommend giving candle making a try.

Mixed Media Art Hour

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a member of the Bright Collective through the Making App. This month we had an Art Hour and it was a space to just put material on paper and see what happened. I loved the suggestion to frame your art. So many people don’t identify as artists because they did not go to school for it or don’t get paid for it, but truly, the act of framing something you made makes it official. We can all be artists!

Stamp Carving (again!)

I love this craft because it is quick. When I really needed a break from the sweater-a-thon, I was able to carve a few stamps, making progress on my calendar vision. I feel like all told, each stamp tool less than 15 minutes to get into usable shape. I will likely clean up a few spots here and there but these really could just be good to go.

And because my kittens turned 1 on the 27th, I will leave you with a cat picture. Be well!

From left to right, Agnes, Michi and Maynard

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