Past Couple Weeks Crafting: 3.19.23

The big news is that I finished my Learn to Tech Edit Crochet (LTTECrochet) course and have started to offer this as a crochet pattern designer service. My landing page is here and I am very excited to start this next adventure. I will be figuring out marketing and all that good stuff as I go.

Meanwhile, I worked on a few things this past couple weeks and here they are!

More Stamp Carving

I pulled out my stencil for my month grid in preparation for starting work on my Pagan Calendar for this next year. The rough edges need to be cleaned up a bit but otherwise is tis good to go.

I am hand carving the months and years that will be in the calendar. I also made stamps of the kittens names and did to caring doodling to play with patterns. I will be planning the large stamps for each month and hopefully getting stared on this in April.

Pattern Testing: the Shiloh Sweater

I was selected to pattern test this sweater for designer Oxana Sorokin through Yarnpond. I volunteered to make the 3XL size. This is a very fun pattern to work so far and I am excited to see how it turns out.

Pattern Testing: the Apricity Color Block Sweater

I was also selected to pattern test the Apricity Color Block Sweater for designer Lindsey Roe of Off the Beaten Hook. I am also testing the 3XL size for this sweater. The color blocking is starting out really well and the bulky yarn and larger hook make this project work up quickly.

Markers and Paint Pens

I may have mentioned “mark making” in my last post and as an update, I did in fact go out and buy a bunch of mixed media for more of this process. I really only had colored pens, crayons and watercolors for my first try and will be playing with paint sticks and oil pastels and all the things for my next go round.

Tarot Card Tapestry Patterns

I continue to work on getting my Major Arcana tarot card tapestry series off the ground. I have been working on this one for a year or so now and think I have finally cracked the code on getting the grid counts done in an efficient manner. I am sort of re-working the first two cards and I think after they are done the process will go much more smoothly for the rest of the cards.

That’s all for now, see you all in a couple of weeks for the next batch of crafting!

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