Past Couple Weeks of Crafting: 2.19.23

I typically use my phone photos section to track what I have done over the past couple weeks crafting wise. I did get a new phone and transferred a lot of pictures off of the new one so I hope i don’t miss anything!

More stamp carving

During the Bright Collective monthly meet up we did some stamp carving. I made some doodles and tried to do letters free hand and even though I made a mess of some things, the process was amazing! I also used my ink jet printer and made a stamp of my pool leagues team name which I will make patches with at some point.

Joining Crochet squares into a blanket

This Pagan Holiday Symbol square throw has literally been a year in the making. I started with Ostara (spring equinox) last year and just finished the last square with Imbolc (February 1st-2nd) this year. I love the way the crossed double crochet stitches add flexibility to the blanket and I am super happy with how this blanket turned out.

Machine knitting 8 hats

I had a cold the other week and not wanting to be “that person” I stayed home in hopes that I would not spread it. I can never just do nothing so I made several hats while binging Harry Potter movies. Using the Sentro knitting machine, I was able to make a 125 row double thick beanie hat in about 30 minutes. I still need to figure out how to make flat panels properly with it, but after this hat making stint, I am pretty sure I have the tube knitting function down pat.

Water color doodles

I’m just really proud of these doodles and wanted to share 🙂

Temperature snake start

I received my yarn order for my Planet June temperature snake and got caught up with January. I didn’t have any safety animal eyes so I used to really cute buttons my mom got me years ago. I think that they are perfect.

Stash of old patterns and a shrug

And finally, a stash of patterns that I started writing back in 2016, as far as I can tell. These were some of my first attempts as pattern writing and they were so fun to find. I have developed my style over the years and plan to dust them off and write them up using what I have learned since then. This shrug in the making is from one of the earliest patterns I ever tried to get on paper.

That’s all for now, see you next time!

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