Past Couple Weeks of Crafting

I have been working on several things the past couple of weeks and thought I’d put a compilation here.

Some were classes or meet ups through the Making app. I participate in paper making meet up and a water color class.

I always have some crochet project going and found this amazing Scarfie yarn from Lion Brand and had to turn it into a sweater. It is seriously the softest and warmest yarn I have worked with in a long time.

My partner also found an amazing bag for me at Powell’s Books and the only thing it needed was a pocket. So I added one!

Honestly, most of my time has been spent in editing and compiling patterns for my Pagan Holiday Symbol Square crochet pattern book. I am hoping to have it together by the end for February for sale at my Etsy and Making shops.

Paper Making

This was such a cool process. I got to use up all those pretty scraps of paper I just couldn’t let go of and make something new! I got a pretty crap blender from the Goodwill but it worked well enough to pulp the soaked paper. I also had a few trial and error moments with the thickness of the paper but to the hang of it in the end. Since there was a lot of pulp left, I drained the water and squished it out to make a puck of pulp that can be re hydrated to make more paper later.

Water Color

I took a water color theory class from Janice Hudson through the Making app. She has such a great way of making things feel easy and natural. These are some of my first attempts at art journaling. The process will likely refine itself as I work through it .

Adding a Pocket

Admittedly not the greatest pictures because I did this near midnight when I got home from work but there you are. The bag is a good sized canvas tote with the tarot inspired High Priestess screen printed onto it. The pocket is one of the samples I did inspired by a Sashiko course. It fits literally everything I need daily as well as a project bag so I can just carry one bag rather than a bag and a purse and a lunch sack and…and…and…you get the idea.

Designing a Sweater

This is the start of my design process. I basically just start crocheting and figuring out the construction as I go, making random notes throughout the process. It is chaotic but it works for me. I also write in pattern “recipe” because I want my patterns to be adaptable to all body sizes and shapes since standard fashion sizing conversions just don’t work for most people. I finished the back panel last night and started the front panel. I will be doing some unorthodox sleeve construction for this piece as well. It is going to be an adventure!

Working on a Book

March 2023 will mark the year anniversary since the conception of my crochet book idea. I started making afghan squares using tapestry crochet and have done all the planet symbols, all the astrological sign symbols and all the pagan holiday symbols. Through trial and error I believe I have come up with a good format and am now focusing my efforts on getting the Pagan holiday square book ready to be put out into the worlds. The planets and astrological symbols will follow and I hope to have all three out by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

Whew! That was a lot, thanks for hanging in there for it and I’ll update again soon!

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