Projects of the Week: Yarn Frogging Hack, Bath Bombs and that one Sweater I have always wanted to make

I have been pointedly ignoring the two huge blanket projects I have going. One because I have not had time or the patience to fix what I am pretty sure is an error in the pattern. The other because I can’t decide on a color scheme and keep going back and forth on how I want it to work. So of course the solution is to start other projects, right? I thought so too.

Yarn Frogging Hack

If you are someone who makes things with yarn, you have absolutely had the experience of either making a mistake that needs to be pulled out and re done or have decided that what you are making is a wash and pulled out the entire thing. This is a process called “frogging”, as in “rip-it, rip-it”, get it?

Anyway, I was lucky enough to stumble upon this method for hand winding yarn (Banana Moon Studios video here) and have adapted it to the situation where you have a substantial pile from a started project and you want to maintain the flow of the yarn color. This can be particularly helpful with variegated or ombre yarns where the color changes fade into one another.

I start by taking the tail and wrapping it in a figure 8 around my thumb and pinky several times then fold the 8 in half and loosely wrap the yarn around the folded 8. The result is a center pull ball at the front of the original skein that will result in the intended color change as before I started using the skein in the first place.

Bath Bombs

I fell in love with bath bombs when baths became part of my moon cycle ritual a couple of hears ago. I quickly discovered I could drop a large amount of my paycheck on them, using them as frequently as I do. I also discovered that a lot of them (and I mean A LOT) are scented like food. I am not someone who is keen to smell like a cake. I prefer scents that are more commonly associated with the masculine, and trying finding bath bombs that smell like sandalwood or other woodsy scents was infinitely frustrating.

So making my own it is. I found this bath bomb recipe in the Inspired by Charm site and have to say I think I am hooked. The recipe is so easy to follow and I will absolutely be making these again. I did not follow the recommendation to “pack lightly” into the molds and my bombs sort of deflated while curing. I also learned to leave them in the molds for about 5 minutes rather than the recommended 1 minutes. I am keeping the most misshapen of the lot but am putting the rest out for whoever wants one at the Yule party this Wednesday.

Sweater I have always wanted to make

I will freely admit that I but patterns that I have every intention of making but don’t get to. For years. Case in point, I bought the pattern for this intricate top down sweater in 2018 from TLH Patterns on Etsy. I am just now getting around to making it and it is a joy to make. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I regularly substitute materials to use the yarn I have and was excited to find that I happened to have the yarn recommended in the pattern. I am super excited to see the finished product.

So that’s my week in projects.

Wishing you all a warm and safe holiday season and a happy Yule!

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