Creation of a Crochet Vest

This week has been taken up by making a very large scrap yarn hooded vest. I am making up this pattern as I go. I am also trying to remember to write it down as I go so I can recreate it.

I’m hoping to use up some of the yarn that I have collected that I keep passing over when making other things.

I created a fabric that I was hoping would be about wide enough to wrap around me.

I sewed the top closed and cut armholes into the fabric.

When cutting stitches, you want to cut the bottom of the stitch that is made through the row below. Then you pull the yarn very carefully until they close in on themselves. I also tied knots to make sure the stitches were secure.

Once the armholes were made, I tried it on and realized it was not quite wide enough to cover the front of me. I added a cable border that created the missing width.

I decided that I am going to add sleeves and turn the vest into a sweater. Hopefully I will be able to post a finished project here next week!

Bonus pics: Agnes really loved this piece and kept trying to wrap herself up in the fabric as I was making it.

She was very pleased when I laid it out for pictures!

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