Full Moon Reading: 12.7.22

Last Full Moon of 2022

Pagan Otherworlds tarot deck

1: Be Here Now – You as you are in this moment

2 of Swords – You are at a crossroads and no matter what you decide, it will close off the path you do not choose. The choice is one that needs to be made but it also needs to be seriously and carefully considered. It is also a decision only you can make. The input of others may be nice, but you will need to be willing to lave with the decision and that is not something you can put on someone else.

2: Bringing In – What is your energy pulling towards you?

The Star – The universal symbol of hope, the Star is letting you know that there is brightness on the horizon. There is an element of balance here, the good and bad both present and walked through, healing possible, new opportunities coming.

3: Letting Go – What is on the way out or better left on the way out?

6 of Swords – The 6 of Swords is about making a transition away from what is known into what is unknown, often for the better. In this position, it is a signal that you are not longer in need of moving into the unknown, your journey is near completion. You may be able to start setting down some roots again and rebuild in this new space.

4: Root – How you go there, why you stay here. Anchor.

The Moon – Your guiding force, your intuition, is a strong guide and one you have learned to trust. Continue to develop your relationship with your inner guide as this is the root and anchor you need to continue building an authentic self and a life that holds meaning to you.

5: Big Picture – What you are working towards, what the Universe has in store. Perspective.

9 of Swords – Here is a warning. The 9 of Swords is about worry, anxiety, things that keep you up at night. If there is something that you need to address so that you can get good rest, now if the time to plan for how to do this. Whether it is repairing a relationship, kicking a habit or getting into therapy, there is something unaddressed that needs resolution.

Shadow Card:

7 of Wands – The underlying energy of this reading is that you have worked hard to get where you are and you still have some tough calls to make. There is still work to be done and part of that work is guarding what you have gained, fighting for what is yours. You have achieved what you have for a reason. Don’t let anyone forget it.

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