Weekly Reading: 11.27.22

Crow tarot Deck by MJ Cullinane

1: What will my energy look like this week?

2 of Wands – The energy of the suit of Wands is about making things happen. It is about energy and passion and creating. The two of wands is a out patience and balance. It is about making decisions and prioritizing goals. Any endeavors started are likely to be the most successful if you have mapped out the best way to reach the goal.

2: What challenges will I face?

The Chariot – While the Chariot is typically a out being driven and independent in going for what you are after, it may be that you are being drawn into a situation that is not in your best interest this week. Take time to make sure that what you are agreeing to is within what you want for yourself and within your integrity.

3: How can I overcome these challenges?

The Emperor – A representation of a solid foundation and embodiment of order and rules, the Emperor is a signal that keeping the foundational part of any new endeavor solid and clear will be beneficial to all involved.

4: What lesson will I learn this week?

Justice –  You will come to see that quick decisions are going to fall flat. Take the time you need to see all sides before making a decision. Pay particular attention to consequences of the decisions. While we can’t plan for every eventuality is all cases, figuring out how to slow things down before moving forward with a final call is going to a lesson learned this week.

5: Advice from Guides

The Wheel of Fortune – What goes up must come down. And what is down must come up. Remember that you have the power to determine how far down and how long you stay there. Don’t give that power away.

6: Shadow Card

The Hermit – Just because we are social beings does not mean that we need to do things with others at all times. The Hermit is an invitation to go within yourself to find the answers you seek. Once found, it is also an invitation to share what you find with those around who are open to what you have learned. We cannot force our learned lessons on others, but we can take time to understand them for ourselves. And this, more than anything, is how we and continue to grow. Learn, even if no one else wants to know.

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