Samhain Reading: The Next Six Months

1: November

3 of Wands – This is a good time to prepare for the next thing. Big or small, this month is about getting your ducks in a row ad making small steps towards taking action.  

2: December

Ace of Pentacles – A new opportunity is going to come your way that may prove to be profitable. Whether it is a side gig or a new full-time job, this opportunity is here for you to explore. Take the chance.

3: January

4 of Pentacles – Make sure you are keeping balance in all things material. Keep the bills paid and the lights on but don’t forget to find ways to be generous to others. Also important, don’t for get to treat yourself from time to time.

4: February

2 of Cups – This is an invitation to honor your deepest relationships. They may be romantic, platonic or familial, but this month is about honoring the soul connection between you and the people who feed your true self.

5: March

8 of Pentacles – Through hard work and determination you have become good at something you enjoy doing. This dedication to your craft is going to gain you acknowledgement and perhaps the opportunity to share the skill with those seeking to learn.

6: April

The Emperor – You have truly come into your power here. You have the foundation and knowledge to reach your goals and perhaps have others around you who are interested in learning from you. Be responsible with the trust of others and make sure you are not over extending the bounds of what you can reasonably do. Stressed out leaders become tyrants with very little provocation.

7: Shadow Card

The Empress – The underlying theme of this next six months is truly about creating and newness, about building and nurturing. There is energetic and Universal support for this growth. Be it a new life, a new hobby a new career to a new you, make the most of building the authentic self you wish to be.

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