Projects of the Week: Mostly Food and Not Finishing Things :)

With Samhain and a gathering of people my focus was mainly on the food to make and decorating. I am not someone who has a lot of things to decorate with but I do have a few items I enjoy pulling out once a year. Overall, in terms of making project progress, it was a wash this week. I did finish a couple things but made no progress on the runes. I’m hoping to get back to that this week.

The Food

I made this mushroom and baby bok choy ramen that was so good. I have made it a few times and think it is going to be one of my regulars. I also made an apple cider sangria (non-alcoholic). I basically threw a bunch of fruit into the apple cider and shook it ever hour or so until serving. I also made mashed potatoes with cabbage and an oat bread. All vegan and all went over pretty well.

Adapted Dr. Who Scarf

I found this amazing filet crochet pattern for a Dr. Who inspired scarf but did not have the right yarn to make the filet so I adapted the pattern to be a tapestry version. It is coming right along and will hopefully be done in time for my partners birthday!

Samhain Symbol Square

I continue to make these Pagan Holiday symbol squares as each day comes along. I am mostly using scrap yarn to get through my stash and I like how this one has a couple distinct color changes and some more subtle ones. I wrote the pattern using Stitch Fiddle and was so happy with how easy it was to get a readable pattern to follow.

Work Pumpkin Decorating Contest

I have never done a pumpkin decorating contest before but this year we gave it a go at work. My teammate sketched this and I painted it in. There was spider web hair and pip cleaner spiders by the end. It was glorious. I have no idea if we wone yet though, I took the Friday off and that was results day. I am looking forward to finding out who did win though, there were a lot of really cool pumpkin designs!

So that was it for the week!

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