Weekly Reading: Week of 10.23.22

Crow Tarot – deck by MJ Cullinane

1: What will my energy look like this week?

High Priestess – This is a fitting energy for the week leading up to Samhain, the day upon which the veil between here and the after is thinnest. This is a card of intuition, a signifier of the ability to travel back and forth between the seen and unseen. It is an invitation to take lessons learned from our subconscious and gut instincts and ancestors and embody those messages.

2: What challenges will I face?

7 of Cups – This is a card indicating that we have a lot of choices to make this week and need to be on the lookout for decision paralysis. It is also a heads up that some of the options might be too good to be true or otherwise unrealistic. Make sure you are balancing what you want with what you need and make sure you vet anything that seems like it might be the solution to all your problems. Some things are more trouble than they are worth.

3: How can I overcome these challenges?

8 of Cups – This is a reminder to know when to cut your losses. Sometimes the best thing to do is to strike out in a new direction. If there is something that has been calling to you, now may be the time to take that leap into the unknown.

4: What lesson will I learn this week?

6 of Cups – Thinking back to time s in which you were successful may be helpful now. If you are looking at making huge changes, there is something comforting in looking to a time where you were able to successfully make similar changes. Alternatively, this could be indicating that you could benefit from reconnecting to people or to a place that helps you to feel comfort and calm, peace, and joy. There is nothing so anchoring in a time of turmoil as knowing you are safe. Just don’t hold on the past in a way that does not allow you to move forward. Use is as a comfort and reminder, not a reason to stay put.

5: Advice from Guides

4 of Wands – Through the choices and changes of the week, this is an invitation to gather with those who matter to you. There is something to celebrate coming, know it or not. Be ready.

6: Shadow Card

The Tower – This card gets something of a bad rep in my opinion, largely because it is a card that signals that change is coming and there is noting you can do about it. We don’t like having our control taken away and this card is hinting at just this possibility. The other thing this card hints at is a change in the way you many fundamentally interact with or understand the world.

This is a total perspective shift and may or may not come with substantial loss but will absolutely get very uncomfortable for a while. I like to think that even though this can signal a time of pain or confusion, ultimately the change is needed, and you will be able to see differently once the dust settles. I am personally open to those opportunities.

This week is an opportunity for you to make the choices you can in order to move to where you want to be. The Tower is letting you know that if you don not decide how to change, the decision will be made for you.

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