Weekly Reading: 10.16.22

Crow Tarot deck by MJ Cullinane

1: What will my energy look like this week?

5 of Wands – Here is an indication that there may be conflict this week and it may be that it is not as important as it seems. There may be a lot of petty grumbling and potentially passive aggressive maneuvering to reach goals. It’s going to be annoying. But look carefully to see if there is anything bigger underlying this conflict. Sometimes we are lashing out at the small things because there are bigger things that we are not sure how to address. Are the squabbles just passing frustrations? Or are they misdirecting attention from something that really needs to be solved?

2: What challenges will I face?

2 of Swords – The challenge this week is going to be that of making decisions without all the needed (or perceived to be needed) information. You may be feeling like there is too much happening to make a choice or you are just getting to many opinions about what the best next step might be. Take some time to yourself, decode any information you feel is helpful, leave the rest. Maybe it’s time for a written pros and cons list. Whatever helps remove the discomfort of indecision.

3: How can I overcome these challenges?

4 of Swords – With the pressure of conflict and indecision floating through the week, the advice here is to make sure you are taking time to truly rest and unwind. Disconnect from the day and really take good care of yourself. Maybe it is alone time, maybe it is time with a trusted other. Whatever it is that will leave you feeling truly refreshed is what will help you get through this week.

4: What lesson will I learn this week?

4 of Cups – Again, this is looking to be a week of pressure and frustration. Taking the time you need to rest will serve a larger goal of helping you to truly understand any points of discontent in your life. While you may have plenty of what you need and be offered opportunities, the 4 of Cups indicates a disinterest in these things. Explore this detachment and try to dig into the root of why things feel so out of sorts right now. Maybe also find some time to look for what has been going well and see if you can amplify this in some way.

5: Advice from Guides

The Moon – The advice here is to address your Shadow openly. We are imperfect beings and there are pieces of ourselves we would rather not work with most of the time. This week, however, it may be just what you need to ground yourself in purpose and lean towards a more authentic way of being.

6: Shadow Card

The High Priestess – This is a time of great connection to your innermost self and the Universe. Pay attention to small signs and your intuition. Follow your own compass as guide. This is the perfect week to step back and look at why things are happening. If your intuition is pinging at something, this is the thing that needs to be explored. Be brave.

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