Weekly Reading: 10.2.22

Crow Tarot – deck by MJ Cullinane

1: What will my energy look like this week?

Queen of Swords – The energy of the Queen of Swords is that of one who has been successful at figuring things out and knows the next steps to take to solve a wide variety of problems. In addition, she is trusted by others to make those hard choices because she is impartial and sees the big picture. She does not act in haste, and it may be that what you need this week is to make sure that everything is lined up before you make your next move.

2: What challenges will I face?

The Fool – While the Fool is often an invitation to take the leap, to lean into your passion and curiosity and innocence, it is also good to keep in mind that some missteps are harder to come back from than others. Here is a reminder that while we need to fail to learn, the important thing is the learning.

3: How can I overcome these challenges?

Page of Swords – There seems to be a theme in the energy of the week of avoiding moving into the next thing recklessly. The Page of Swords is someone who is determined and ready to move, ready to get to work on this next big thing. But without communication and dedication, and without a good idea of where you want to end up, heading out on that adventure may just lead to wandering.

4: What lesson will I learn this week?

7 of Wands – Here is a signal that you have been successful in what you have endeavored to thus far, but also a warning to avoid complacency. Stay confident and stay on top of your position. Others may think they are better suited to it. Keep reminding them of why you are where you are and why you will stay where you are. Be brave.

5: Advice from Guides

3 of Cups – Amongst and amidst what seem to be a somewhat high stakes and potentially stressful week, here is a reminder to find time for joy and play. Don’t put off that coffee with friends, accept that invitation to a random family dinner. Do something that keeps you connected to all the aspects of who you are. You never know what perspective you may gain from those who matter most from you.

6: Shadow Card

5 of Swords – If you find yourself in a lot of battles this week, even if you are winning, remember to ask yourself: “is it worth it?”

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