New Moon Reading: 9.25.22

Deviant Moon Tarot Deck by Patrick Valenza

1: (Middle Card)Be Here Now – You as you are in this moment

5 of Wands – There may be a fair amount of turmoil happening for you. This is the kind of petty squabbling that will eventually drive you to either give up or do something you may regret. It is nagging and scraping at the back of your mind and may be distracting you from more important things.

2: (Left Card) Bringing In – What is your energy pulling towards you?

The World –The good news if that whatever is happening right now is nearing the completion of its cycle and likely to be wrapping up successfully.

3: (Right Card) Letting Go – What is on the way out or better left on the way out?

5 of Cups – The conflictual energy that is present right now is heading out. With it are the potential relational difficulties. Keep in mind, though, that relationships once in turmoil take time and attention to smooth out. This is a good opportunity to make sure you are truly letting go of the conflict so that it does not come back to haunt you later.

4: (Bottom Card) Root – How you got here, why you stay here. Anchor.

Death – Change is the only constant. There are always going to be periods of conflict that resolve into times of relative calm. Make sure to attend to the opportunity for growth rather then the sacrifice you made to reach the next stage. Cultivation of the new is going to move you forward. Move through any loss. Feel it, know it, embrace it, then let it go.

5: Top Card) Big Picture – What you are working towards, what the Universe has in store. Perspective.

4 of Wands – Successfully navigating conflict and challenges, restoring and repairing relationship and processing any grief successfully leads to a more stable situation. The goal at the end of the day is to have something dependable and working through the bumps along the way will make sure there is a strong support for any foundation.

Shadow Card:

The Sun – A reminder that no matter how hard something is the clouds will clear and there will be warmth and joy again. The best way to enjoy the sun is after the storm. Don’t lose yourself in the thunder and rain and miss the Sun.

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