Weekly Reading: Week of 7.31.22

Crow Tarot – deck by MJ Cullinane

1: What will my energy look like this week?

7 of Cups – You have created many opportunities for yourself this coming week. Some may be grounded in long term planning while others may be just starting to develop and the need to focus on what is real and achievable will become important. Take some time to weigh the pros and cons of the options available to you and make a decision about what to continue to pursue base upon what is going to be most realistically achievable in this moment. This is not an invitation to give up on dreams but an invitations to make the dreams that can come true right now the focus of your energy.

2: What challenges will I face?

3 of Wands – Be prepared for a snag or set back this week. If you are finding that you are resisting starting something or your heart is not really in the project you are working on it may be better to see if there are losses to cut, rather than continue to force something that just isn’t working.

3: How can I overcome these challenges?

The Devil – In an advice position, this card is saying that you are in a position to overcome dependence on vices, materials, or people that are just not good for you anymore. Look at the things you are spending your time on. How much of it is feeding your souls and how much of it is pure distraction or worse, destruction? To see clearly the long-term goals and to get through any setback this week you need to be prepared to jettison the thoughts, behaviors and influences that are dragging you down.

4: What lesson will I learn this week?

8 of Wands – Much in line with the themes this week, you will come to clarity regarding what steps need to be taken to reach your goals. Once you have decided where you are going, you will be able to readily identify and act upon the steps needed to take you to the next goals. Just don’t get to bogged down in details. Action is the key lesson. Once you see what needs to be done, get started on making the ideas and plans a reality.

5: Advice from Guides

Ace of Pentacles – This is a time of clarity and a time to manifest desires. Take advantage of the focus you will gain this week. This is the week of manifesting what you desire, cultivating stability and making progress towards your goals.

6: Shadow Card

Queen of Cups – The Queen of Cups represents compassion and self-love, it can represent a compassionate and loving person in your life who may be able to provide you with advice and support as you work towards getting your plans clear. It is also an invitation to connect with your emotional and spiritual self as these sides will help your intuition become clear. Being able to hear and trust your inner self will lead to a better change of knowing and following your true self.

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