Calendar with Pagan Holiday New Year

I have become more in touch with my spirituality since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. I think this is likely true for many, given the feelings of powerlessness and the losses we have all endured. While I was raised Catholic, I became interested in different religions and philosophies around age 11 and began to explore the wide world to spiritual and ritualistic expression. Through my exploration, I have found that Pagan practices tend most align with my authentic way of being in the world.

One of the very interesting things that I have found is that some Pagans consider Samhain (October 31) the start of the new year and some consider Yule (winter solstice) the start of the new year. I was giving it some thought and for my own reasons I determined that Samhain most aligns with my feelings of new year- ness. So I made a calendar that started in October and now if the time to start the one for next year!

As with most things, this turned into a more complicated process than I had anticipated, so I took notes and thing I have a good handle on the process for this year. The first step is to create the background for the collages that will represent each month. Also, this year, I will try my hand at drawing out my own month grids so I can get the rows right. I am looking forward to seeing how this process works itself out.

Below are some of the collages from my prototype 2021/2022 calendar:

I started with a large strip of craft paper and painted the whole thing in an ombre of various acrylic colors. Collage pieces came largely from old editions of Revolver magazine and loose vintage book cut outs.

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