Making of the Tapestry Crochet Major Arcana: Part 2

The Magician starts to take shape.

The color scheme has been blocked out to make it look a bit pixelated, making it easy for each square to become a stitch. There are a couple details that are troublesome to tapestry in so I plan to surface stitch or sew them in once the tapestry is complete. I took the original to a FedEx to scan and make copies for the actual making.

I have started adding in the stitch counts:

The counting started, I will finish the counting as I work the tapestry. Counting as I go helps me track rows and the little spots count out 10 square intervals.

Next step was to make sure I had all the yarn needed to make the whole piece.

I measured the starting weight and will measure the finished weight of each skein of yarn. This way I will be able to identify amounts when writing up the pattern notes. It may also come in handy if I ever want to make bobbins of the yarn amounts or just pull out the amount needed to replicate the tapestry.

Finally, the project needs a place to live between workings. I thought this would work nicely:

And we are ready to get started!

Next time: Foundation row and color changes.

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