Project Planning Day

I am a planner. My partner teases me that I am the only person he knows who plans out their planner (he clearly has not been privy to the BuJo movement). I thrive on getting organized. It helps me to feel that at least some of the larger details are managed so I can relax into the unexpected. Which sounds counterintuitive, I know, but stay with me here. If I take the time to get the shape of a plan or activity or goal, and can distil out the guide posts, how I get there can be more fluid because I have something to aim for. I get to be creative on how to fly because I have a landing pad to aim for.

Sunday is my planning and bookkeeping day. It is my day to see what from last week did not get done and still needs doing and what needs doing this upcoming week. It also gives me a time to track my expenses and income so that I am not scrambling at the end of the month to track things. Since I am just starting my hobby business, there are more expenditures than income at the moment but this is to be expected and I’m certainly not expecting to replace my current income overnight. But I want to get some good habits going now so that if this pans out I won’t be at sea about it.

This Sunday is the beginning of the May, so in addition to getting my weekly planning up to speed, I have also set up my month. And this month I also began reconsidering how I want my BuJo for next year to look. This year I set up the front have with straight Year/Month/Week spreads and have a series of individual trackers in the back (with room to add more over the year). And then I mapped it out.

Top is my current 2022 BuJo weekly and the bottom is my projected 2023 BuJo weekly

I would imaging things will change over the year and I will probably end up with a different lay out by the time I start setting it up for next year. But here is my guide post: I want to include some tracking on each week rather than in separate sections. So how I get there can just flow with whatever my brain feels like doing by the time I get there.

So, now that I got the planning planning done, and this was a complete planning tangent, by the way – on to the weekly project planning!

Working my way through the planets and astrological signs, I will be completing Pluto this week (in honor of it’s having gone Retrograde on 4.29.22) and Scorpio (since that is the sign the next full moon is in). I have Monday/Wednesday/Friday touch points for each project and a deadline of posting for sale by Saturdays. A new practice for me will be integrating the photo and video documentation of the septs of project creation. I have plans to record from my usual spot on the couch rather than the table, so we shall see how it goes!

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