Astrology Square Series

The trial, error, and final squares pile

My main focus for the past several months has been making afghan blocks that represent the position of the moon in each astrolocial sign. So, for example, the Full Moon in April was in Libra and the New Moon will be in Taurus. One of my favorite techniques has always been tapestry crochet and so that was the method I used to create this series.

Libra Square (Full Moon edition)

Tapestry crochet is a process of using two or more colors in one piece and you switch colors by completing the working stitch with the new color, then move to the next stitch. The yarn of the previous color(s) are worked over so they run through to the next spot where they are to be used.

As with most ideas, it took me a bit to work out the exact dimensions of the squares to make them consistent but I landed on 29 stitches across and 24 rows high with a single crochet border in two rounds. This creats and 11 by 11 inch square, depending, of course, upon yarn, hook, and tension. I like the idea of using scrap yarn for most things so this will obviously effect the overall gauge.

Practice Squares

Once I figured out the dimensions, I did decide to go with specific colors for this series rather then sticking with scrap yarn. I picked up some elemental colors to correspond with the astrological element and the main color for the square is either cream or black, depending upon the moon phase. I lean towards favoring darker or more muted colors so may have to adjust the brown (earth) and blue (water) for the New Moon squares.

The project basket

Once I have a years worth of moon phases, I plan to join them together to create a blanket representing the moon phases of 2022. I am excited to see how it turns out!

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