The Space to Make

We work with what we have! When I was living on my own, my living room/dinning room were my crafting space. When I moved in with my wonderful partner, well, we had to figure something else out since a monopoly on the shared living space seemed distinctly inequitable 🙂

So, while I did get a portion of the dining room (which I pull out and pack away so other people can use the space, of course), most of my supplies found their home in the garage. Which actually works our fairly well, provided it is neither freezing nor sweltering outside, as the temperature outside matches exactly the temperature in the garage.

This arraignment makes for some creative solutions to both storage as well as forces a sort of work in progress limit. I can only start so many things due to space and temperature constraints. Also, while no one really ever gives me grief about the space I am using, I do want other people to have comfortable places to sit now and again.

Looking at my gallery above, it looks so chaotic! But I promise, it is a very comfortable place to work and I am very content with what I have to work with 🙂

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